The Church of Jesus Christ
Buckner Restoration Branch

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Buckner Restoration Branch Reunion 2018

Theme--The Lord Is My Shepherd

Saturday, Jun 30--I Shall Not Want

Psalms 23:1

Sunday, July 1

9:30am--Sanctify Yourselves

11:00am--Ye Receive the Spirit Through Prayer

D&C 63:16a

7:00pm--Hallowed Be Thy Name

Matthew 6:10

Monday, July 2--Thy Kingdome Come, Thy Will Be Done

Matthew 6:11

Tuesday, July 3--Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Matthew 6:12

Wednesday, July 4--Forgiveness of Trespasses

Matthew 6:13

Thursday, July 5--Temptation

Matthew 6:14

Friday, July 6--Kingdom, Power and Glory

Matthew 6:15

Saturday, July 7--Believe That Ye Shall Receive

Mark 11:26